Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Project 5: Interventionist Media

In this project I created a satirical piece in regards to the Xbox homepage. I wanted to expose the large ordeal that everyone was so furious with Microsoft's policies with the Xbox One in my piece, and I attempted to make Microsoft look greedy as well as unprofessional with this website as much as I could. In regards to revealing their prior policies before Microsoft changed them, in my piece, I implemented some criticism that the Xbox fanbase had scolded Microsoft for, such as: "Disappointing" and "I'm switching over to PS4".

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reading #4: Tactical Media

#1: Tactical media is partially seizing the opportunity which is temporarily available to you and using the media as a source to create an antithesis of the source, a media that leaves little to no trace, and only leaves the viewer primarily with a memory. However, Tactical Media is only effective if it emphasizes how viewers experience and engage with it. We watched a video where an artist cleans the wall to make graffiti that spreads across an long tunnel, and we also watched a video consisting of individuals who used a printing press to create their own newspaper with false, but relieving information. That being said, how far does an artist have to go to make his work effective for the viewer using tactical media? Does it have to be seen by multiple eyes in order for a message to be sent? #2: In the article, it is stated that tactical media is something that is performed "on the fly" and is only completed if a viewer responds to it. Is tactical media required to be something that is performed on whim, or can it be something that has to be thought of over a period of time? Also, from a viewer standpoint, does any sort of viewer interaction fulfill the media, or does it need to strike an particular emotion for the viewer to understand what is trying to be advertised?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Project 4: Video Reenactment

Original Video by William Wegman: http://www.ubu.com/film/wegman_deodorant.html My Video: The Original video's goal was to make a parody out of normal deodorant advertisements by overusing the product until it makes the viewer feel uncomfortable. Although the original video was rather short, I still wanted to take the video and try to make it my own. I sprayed Old Spice deodorant on my pits/body excessively, making myself smell like a 13 year old male trying to cover up his body odor, and cut and looped segments of the original audio in order to make my video reenactment.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reading #3: Video Art Questions

1) Can film and photography be expressed and critiqued with the same love as other art forms, and is film as valuable as other media in terms of expressing oneself? 2) Early video artists pursued this media as a quest for political freedom and a means of finding ones' identity. Can we still find this passion and expression from video artists today in our culture?