Friday, October 23, 2015

Art 451: Character Development

This week Connor and I split our work for the most part.  On Connor's blog you can see the progress that he worked on a 3D generated environment built in unity.  While I worked mostly on building a character in maya.  This is the "sound robot" that I built in maya, and this character is absolutely not the final or official character that we will be building.

Art 451: Sound Research, and character ideas.

For this week Connor and I were trying to decide how we were going to be coming up with the sounds to be utilized in our sound exploration game, and how its going to be implemented.  We thew around ideas as to whether or not we would be recording all of our own sounds, or using free sounds that could be grabbed from online, and we came to the conclusion that it would be much more authentic if we utilized our own recordings only to make a more organic game.
This week as well, we were trying to come up with a main character idea.  Here is a sketch I made for the potential main character:

Art 451: Progress

For this week we spent a little more time working with that same unity 2D side scroller. The code that you saw in the previous post helped generate a sidescrolling platform with a moving foreground and background of different speeds, as well as a random object generator, in this case the object is the table seen in this video.

Art 451: Progress

This week we officially started playing with unity a bit and trying to learn how to code and learn how to use it better.  For the sake of learning, we started playing around with a 2D tutorial from Lynda, which was pretty helpful.  Here is some of the code we've been working with this week: 

Art 451: Research

We are still researching how we want to approach making this game, and have looked at other games for good examples.  In order to make a sound exploration game it has become apparent to us that we will need to record a lot of different sounds, as well as make something as aesthetically pleasing as the sound is.  One of the games we looked into is called SimTunes.
There's also a few games we looked at that allow the player to create any beat that they would like and make a decent sounding song out of it, and it was always randomly used in any given way. 

Art 451: Concept

Both Connor and myself wanted to design a game utilizing unity as more of a sound exploration game.  We threw around ideas as to whether or not we wanted it to be 2d or 3d, and we decided to dabble with making a 3D game.  Aesthetically we still haven't come up with any ideas, but we are still getting used to coding in unity for now.