Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Art 345: Triptych Assignment

For this assignment the class had to create a triptych which consisted of three separate videos that coincide together.  The overall theme I chose for my videos was addressing the futility that participating in certain activities which clearly require more than one person to function will fail when enacted by only a single person.  The example I chose to demonstrate this theme, is throwing a frisbee, which is a great sport that represents how one cannot throw a frisbee back and forth to his or herself.  In each video, I also chose to use a slight amount of symbolism with colors.  The first video shows myself wearing a red bandana while throwing the frisbee at a wall.  The color red symbolizes anger and frustration, to demonstrate this, I attempted to be as frustrated and angry with throwing a frisbee at a wall as possible.  The next video shows myself wearing a blue bandana.  Blue can represent sadness, or calmness, and with the blue bandana I chose I tried to present myself as starting to accept the explained futility of doing activities by oneself.  The next video I wore a black bandana, which can represent despair and utter depression.  With that being said, I chose to act as though I've completely accepted this futility, and I've lost hope in finding a partner to participate this activity with, and I've even succumbed to rejection.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Art 345: 2D Score that I performed

This 2D score is currently unavailable, as I could not access it.  The score consisted of various triangular shapes, and within the triangles there were lines descending and of different lengths.  With my instrument, which involves pennies, a contact mic, and a baking sheet pan, I used three different techniques to perform the score.  With the triangles pointing downward, I would pick up and drop the pennies at a a very fast rate at the start, and then I would slow down, and move on to the next triangle.  Depending on the orientation of the triangle I would increase the tempo of dropping pennies.  There were triangles with jagged lines in the middle of them as well, in the center of the score.  To represent those triangles, I would slide the pennies with my hands back and forth to create a sporadic scratchy noise.  I read the piece from top to bottom and left to right.  

Art 345: My 2D Score

This is the 2D score I made for my partner to perform with her instrument.  Her instrument consisted of a can with an assortment of items within it.  The sound that her instrument made was a very ragged, shaky.  This score that I made for her is made up of zigzag and jagged lines, and cropped circles all of which are made up of either a red or black color.  The way I imagined, and how she performed this 2D score was top to bottom, left to right.  The jagged lines were supposed to be different tempos as it angled downwards and upwards.  The circles were supposed to be represented by loud boisterous shakes of her instrument.  Also, the staircase-like lines, both red and black, were supposed to be represented by slow and constant shakes. 

Art 345: Artist Instrument

For this project, the Art 345 class had to create a instrument of some kind.  The instrument that I came up with included loose pennies, a baking sheet, and a contact mic.  With the contact mic being included, the pennies scratching and hitting the surface of the pan created a very uncomfortable cacophony.  The pouring of the pennies reminded me of the mindset which is the worthlessness of a particular individual within a collective entity in which to create a larger piece.  The instrument itself can be played in a couple different ways.  The ways that I played the instrument to create a certain variety of sounds, was pouring out of the bottle, sliding the pennies from side to side, and picking up and dropping the pennies from slightly different heights.