Thursday, November 14, 2013

3-D Sculpture with Blender

I enjoyed tackling this project a lot because it was different than every other software we've used so far. Interacting with Blender and messing around with shapes and colors and objects was actually a lot of fun to me! In terms of creating the object itself, I used a lot of items in that represent important aspects throughout my life. The overall shape of the object is supposed to represent a very simplistic model of a video game joystick, because video games have had a pretty big impact on me throughout my life. I used a soccer ball as the ball of the joystick to represent how important soccer has been to me throughout my life. I used a pencil as the wand part of the joystick to represent how big of an impact school and education has been to me. The A and B buttons are nickels to represent the impact of having a job has had on my life within my resent years. Finally, the colors red and blue I used as the body of the joystick, simply because red and blue are my favorite colors!

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