Wednesday, May 6, 2015

ART 350 Final Project

This project is a response to technology and our society’s reliance and attentiveness towards it. I created a 3D model and placed it in front of a TV that has Google street view on the screen.  I then used a camera to take pictures of the model being placed in front of the TV in order to create a stop motion video.  Finally, I have the video being projected by a pocket projector device while the actual 3D model is seen in front of the projected image.  This process is a very heavy handed and redundant response toward technology use within our society.

In addition to that, in terms of context, I painted the car model red because that is intended to be an “attention grabber” while driving through some of the most popular streets in the world as a portrayal of how technology captures our eyes everywhere we go. These streets, for reference, are: The Las Vegas Strip, Abbey Road in London, Hollywood Boulevard in LA, La Rambla in Barcelona, 7th Street/ Times Square in NY, and Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The shift of focus between the car model and the background images is a nauseating attempt at portraying our shift of attention with technology.

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