Thursday, September 5, 2013

Basic Animation Discussion Questions:

1.  After reading the article, and watching the Please Say Something short film, I noticed that all voices used are synthetic sounds.  After he mentioned that he used flat shading and never had used light sources to enhance basic shading, he said with the story being told through "verbal dialogue" he found shading unnecessary.  If he had implemented shading in the short film, would it have enhanced the film, or was the lack of realistic shadows intended to keep the simplicity of the objects?

2.  Referring to when he said "I always feel that any filter that appears to easily add a lot of beauty to an image or 3D model should be avoided", I agree with him that having a beautiful base model over a beautiful filter would be more effective, but if there was a case to use a filter that would easily enhance a frame, would it be a poor decision to consistently use the same filter throughout the piece?

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