Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Project 1: Collaborative Digital Diptych Montage

 by Darius Mandegary
 by Zach Cordisco

Introspection is a term used to look inside of ones' self.  The way we approached the project was with the idea of actually going inside ones' self and what that would look like.  This proved to be extremely difficult to portray due to the nature of the project and we couldn't produce results that either of us enjoyed.  So we set off on another idea: the idea of bringing what is inside, out.  Looking inside ones' self becomes a lot easier when everything on the inside is out on the table.  With this, we wanted to use things that aren't normally expressed on the outside.  Underlying conflicts and ideas are constantly at war within a persons mind and we wanted to bring that turmoil out.  This was our idea and we ran with it.  This also allowed both of us enough creative freedom to produce two distinct works with the same 25 images.

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