Thursday, December 5, 2013


The overall creativity of the advanced students for this project was phenomenal! Even though I went to the exhibit early, before it actually started, I was still able to observe the works and talk to some of the people in there about what was being displayed in the hallway. The use of old records, as it seems, could be limitless for art. The amounts of pieces there that not only looked interesting and were able to be interacted with was so fun and exciting. The moment you walk up the stairway and seeing the broken record pieces hanging from strings right in your face, to seeing the Christmas tree of broken records as well made the experience not only interesting, but also provoked a lot of thought for me. It was really interesting to see the different thought processes of students, with a project like this, from our same University, and seeing how much creativity each student has. It gave me hope for my future here at the University and what I will be able to achieve and create with the semesters to come. My favorite piece in the hallway, however, was the records that had been smashed into pieces by the mousetrap, which was in the corner of the hallway. I am not entirely sure why, but I sat and stared at that piece for quite a bit of time trying to grasp if there was supposed to be a larger meaning for it, or if it was simply just the destruction of records via mousetrap. I still haven’t found an answer to it, but I found the piece very thought-provoking and that made it stand out the most to me.

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