Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Outside Artist Exhibition

(Artist: Mahsan Ghazlanzad) This artists' work was extremely interesting and very thought-provoking.  She used the medium acrylic on canvas to paint abstract paper airplanes in various ways and situations in each of her paintings.  I could not stop examining her piece called, "Leader" which portrayed one paper airplane alone on the left of the canvas facing a pile of other paper airplanes on the right of the canvas.  With that piece I was able to examine that Mahsan was incorporating paper airplanes into her works as reference to herself and her life experiences and journey up to the point where she is right now.  In addition to that, all of the colors combining with the style of brush strokes seemed to catch everyone's eye in the exhibition.  If I had one question for her, I would ask her specifically why she painted paper airplanes as the theme to her exhibition.
(Artist: Bahareh Shahrabi Farahani) This artists' work was very culture-based and seemed to have some deeper meaning behind the visual front.  She used tar as a main medium throughout her exhibition because tar is most closely related to her Iranian culture.  The art that she made that was not entirely made out of tar, also used acrylic paint on canvas, or on wood panels.  She seemed to love making collages because she was able to closely relate with how the Iranian culture is by incorporating her art in a collage form.  In terms of visually how her art looked, I thought her style was very thought-provoking, however, seemed very simply made over time.

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