Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Art 345: Triptych Assignment

For this assignment the class had to create a triptych which consisted of three separate videos that coincide together.  The overall theme I chose for my videos was addressing the futility that participating in certain activities which clearly require more than one person to function will fail when enacted by only a single person.  The example I chose to demonstrate this theme, is throwing a frisbee, which is a great sport that represents how one cannot throw a frisbee back and forth to his or herself.  In each video, I also chose to use a slight amount of symbolism with colors.  The first video shows myself wearing a red bandana while throwing the frisbee at a wall.  The color red symbolizes anger and frustration, to demonstrate this, I attempted to be as frustrated and angry with throwing a frisbee at a wall as possible.  The next video shows myself wearing a blue bandana.  Blue can represent sadness, or calmness, and with the blue bandana I chose I tried to present myself as starting to accept the explained futility of doing activities by oneself.  The next video I wore a black bandana, which can represent despair and utter depression.  With that being said, I chose to act as though I've completely accepted this futility, and I've lost hope in finding a partner to participate this activity with, and I've even succumbed to rejection.

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