Monday, October 20, 2014

Art 345: 2D Score that I performed

This 2D score is currently unavailable, as I could not access it.  The score consisted of various triangular shapes, and within the triangles there were lines descending and of different lengths.  With my instrument, which involves pennies, a contact mic, and a baking sheet pan, I used three different techniques to perform the score.  With the triangles pointing downward, I would pick up and drop the pennies at a a very fast rate at the start, and then I would slow down, and move on to the next triangle.  Depending on the orientation of the triangle I would increase the tempo of dropping pennies.  There were triangles with jagged lines in the middle of them as well, in the center of the score.  To represent those triangles, I would slide the pennies with my hands back and forth to create a sporadic scratchy noise.  I read the piece from top to bottom and left to right.  

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