Monday, October 20, 2014

Art 345: My 2D Score

This is the 2D score I made for my partner to perform with her instrument.  Her instrument consisted of a can with an assortment of items within it.  The sound that her instrument made was a very ragged, shaky.  This score that I made for her is made up of zigzag and jagged lines, and cropped circles all of which are made up of either a red or black color.  The way I imagined, and how she performed this 2D score was top to bottom, left to right.  The jagged lines were supposed to be different tempos as it angled downwards and upwards.  The circles were supposed to be represented by loud boisterous shakes of her instrument.  Also, the staircase-like lines, both red and black, were supposed to be represented by slow and constant shakes. 

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